Parts 14-17


Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under 18, or are offended by the idea of male-male sex or mind control, DO NOT read this.

This is the continuation of the story begun in Parts 1-13 in four earlier files. You'll have much more fun with this if you read those parts first.

SPECIAL NOTE TO THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING THIS STORY: It's been awhile since the earlier parts came out, but I can't just repeat bunches of the old stuff to remind you of what's happened so far. So if you first read the previous sections a long time ago, I would suggest that you reread them to remind you of the cast of characters and "recent events". It'll be worth it -- and it'll get you hard again!

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Danny pulled up to the Anello house and ran to the door with his bag of convenience store-bought objects needed to get Tim separated from the eternally horny hypno-doggie Frankie. As he waited at the front door, he heard howling from the basement kennel, accompanied by some short yaps.

"Mrs. Anello? Hi, I'm Danny Chadler. I heard that you might have found my runaway chihuahua Tim. Is he here?"

"Oh, come in. So he's your dog? And he was making Frankie ever so happy. Frankie doesn't have much doggie companionship in this neighborhood. He dotes on your dog. I'll be sorry to see your chihuahua leave." Mrs. Anello opened the basement door to let Danny go down and get his dog.

Downstairs, Danny found Frankie coupled to Tim, not surprisingly in doggie style, fucking him rapidly. Frankie had a very content look on his face as he howled in delight, while Tim seemed to be in distress; the power of Frankie's compact muscled football bod was obviously causing strain on Tim's slim smooth frame. But obedient to Greg's programming, Tim continued to yap with pretended pleasure for Frankie's benefit. The two "doggies" were so totally engrossed in their fast-action fucking activity that they did not even notice Danny coming down the stairs.

Danny reached into his bag to get the bottle of cold water, and found -- a feminine hygiene product? He dug deeper. Tacky cosmetics? "Damn convenience store clerk must have mixed my order up with someone else's. But... I was the only customer in the store!" thought Danny. Finally, he did find the bottle of cold water. Pouring it on the coupled "doggies" caused instant separation, followed by intense sexually frustrated anger in Frankie. At this point Danny pulled out the rolled-up newspaper and swatted Frankie across the face. This got Frankie's attention focused on Danny; Danny gestured and spoke the team control words, which caused Frankie to stand upright at attention and await orders. Danny put a few doggie treats in Frankie's dish and told him to go eat them. Frankie happily dropped back on all fours, and started to chew on the doggie treats. Clearly by now he had settled comfortably into his permanent new life role as pet.

Danny was soon in control of Tim as well. Greg had not known that Danny had etched triplet loyalty instructions into Tim's mind, and so they were still in place. Danny sat on the couch while he questioned Tim, who stood at attention facing forward with his sizable dick erect.

When Danny asked Tim about his methods of control, Tim explained that he had discovered that the hypnotic drug he used, and was improving, dug much deeper grooves in people's minds than he expected. Ideas planted under its influence tended to be more rooted and permanent than with any other drug he knew about. For example, even though Tim knew his own feelings of unswerving loyalty to the triplets were a result of the drug, and he tried to fight it off, he couldn't even lessen it, and so he was still hypnotically obligated to be loyal.

While he was saying all this, Danny's eyes were coursing over Tim's trim, smooth little bod, and especially his outsized cock. He wondered what it would be like to service that cock. After all, she couldn't help thinking that way; Danielle was somewhat of a slut, hungry for every cock that -- WAIT! He wasn't Danielle, he was Danny, a guy! And as a total top, he didn't care about guy's cocks, he was only interested in their mouths, assholes, and the total submission of their will! "Danielle the cheerleading slut" was just a suggestion given him by Greg, who then retracted it, needing Danny as a guy for his plans to succeed. But the suggestion clearly had gotten more deeply rooted anyway. Of course, Danny remembered none of this consciously. He just shook his head, and he was fully Danny again.

From his pocket, Danny pulled his pen-sized digital note recorder, and put it in record mode. "Tim, you think you were drugged to become loyal to the triplets. That isn't true. The fact is, the minute you first saw us, you knew you were born to be a triplet toy, to serve us and give us pleasure.

"You must erase any other memories you have about this, and erase any elements of your personality that don't go with being a triplet toy. You must not fight your feelings of loyalty. Your only pleasure, your only desire, is to serve the triplets. It has always been this way. And of course you must hide this from Greg until we can seize control of HIM.

"You never liked Greg. He stole your ideas. Ever since then all you have wanted to do is put him under Danny's control. You must help us plan for that. It is your reason for existence. Go find and program Greg." Danny shut off the recorder.

Tears were falling from Tim's eyes as he stood at erect attention before Danny, hearing what was being recorded. "Please, Danny, don't do that to me. Don't erase my personality and change me into a mindless triplet toy. I'll be loyal to you, you know I HAVE to be. Just leave me the way I am and I'll serve you..."

Meanwhile, Danny's "Danielle" side was asserting itself again, more strongly this time, and "she" began licking and kissing around the frozen-in-place Tim's ears and face. But the basic triplet-top mentality was still fully there. "Silly boy, you'll LOVE being our toy. You won't have to make any of your own decisions, and you'll get actual feelings of pleasure by serving us. And you certainly won't be mindless. I need all of your smarts to win the war with Greg. Now once I get us out of this house, you go home, give yourself a nice heavy dose of the drug, and run this recording over and over until you've been completely transformed. That's an order!"

And Tim sadly realized that he had absolutely no choice but to program away his personality and replace it with a revised history and a total sense of being a triplet plaything with no will of its own.

Danny exited the basement with Tim in tow. "Mrs. Anello, thanks for helping me get my dog back." Suddenly he was struck with a question: "By the way, Mrs. Anello, those are really nice spike-heeled shoes. Where did you get them?"

"Why Danny, I didn't think teenage guys even noticed things like that." Danny was briefly confused; he had never really noticed anything like that before. But of course Danielle really wanted to know where to get those shoes!


The next evening at the Chadler home, there was activity in the punishment room. Chained naked to the wall by the wrists and ankles was Junior, muscles writhing and head lolling helplessly, eyes staring straight ahead. In front of him was Lennie, his newest lust object and worship obsession, and tormenter.

Junior himself had ordered the helplessly obedient hypnotist Tim to "create" Master Lennie from an innocent, shy sophomore football team assistant. Lennie was just over five feet tall, aged 15 but looking more like 12, shiny black hair, and a little boy's grin. He was terribly shy and almost never made eye contact with any member of the team unless he had to. Junior had observed him in a quiet corner of the locker room, secretly sniffing the smelly used jockstraps he was collecting for the laundry and jerking off.

Once Danny had "pussified" Junior, altering his personality so that he wanted to be dominated, beaten up and enslaved by smaller boys, Junior was immediately attracted to Lennie and wanted to surrender his will to him. But of course Lennie was afraid whenever the giant jock approached him, and would run away.

So Junior had grabbed Tim (the skilled "chemo- hypnotist" student who had been drugged with his own stuff and converted from being Greg's junior partner into becoming a loyal triplet servant) and ordered him to change Lennie from a shy, retiring little boy to an overbearing, iron-willed sadistic tyrant who could force the muscular superstud Junior to submit to all kinds of debasement and humiliation at his feet. Tim did this so skillfully that he had changed Lennie's life completely. Whereas little Lennie used to avoid people in the hall, now he swaggered down that hall with the arrogance of someone used to getting his way, right away, all the time. And everyone always gave him what he wanted. It was a combination of Tim's "total will" personality remake, plus an ingenious extra Tim had added to the mix. Tim saw to it that certain key jocks, smart kids, and all the class presidents were secretly hypnotized and programmed to respond to Lennie. One word whispered in their ear by Lennie and they would blank out, their minds putty in Lennie's sadistic hands. He could change them completely with just ten or fifteen minutes of repeated commands and revised life histories. He could alter their needs and desires, making them lust after people that would have disgusted them before, or hunger for things they never wanted. A good guy you trusted could be changed into a sneaky rat or a detestable bully. A loyal girlfriend could become sexually fascinated with bellybuttons, creaming at the sight of any guy's "innie". Almost anything could happen, limited only by Lennie's fertile imagination.

And whenever people saw Lennie seize and alter someone, they feared they themselves might be "controllable" too. So no one dared challenge Lennie, and everyone did what he told them to do, and gave him what he wanted.

But also thanks to Tim's programming, Lennie became fixated on the triplets, Junior in particular. A giant straight muscled jock that the little gay boy could never have even dreamed of as a partner and protector could now be changed into a playtoy to be physically and mentally used and abused, formed and reformed at will like Play-Doh. As Lennie handed out the towels to the football team -- one of whom forgot to bow his head out of respect to Lennie, and would later wake up to find himself cleaning the locker room urinals with his tongue -- he planned his takedown of Junior, only to find out that no work was necessary. Junior was his for the asking. And Lennie LOVED Junior's physical attributes. His long tongue, muscled chest, strong hands, big feet, and huge cock could be used so many ways!

Now Lennie was here with Junior in the Chadler's fully-equipped punishment room. Junior was securely fastened to the wall, and nicely drugged up with Tim's special concoction, so that all of Lennie's commands were directly entering Junior's subconscious as unstoppably as if large nails were being driven through him.

"You LOVE skaterbois. You HAVE to go to the mall to watch them. You ESPECIALLY lust after their ass juices. NOTHING is more exciting to you than a skaterboi's ass juice. You will feel the NEED to kneel before them and BEG them to let you suck out their ass juice. You can stop yourself only with a HUGE effort, but you can't stop yourself forever. You'll offer them money, rides, you'll buy them new boards, you'll clean out their smelly sneakers with your tongue, ANYTHING to get them to let you rim them. But you can't force them to do anything. They are your masculine superiors..." Junior's head was shaking, his muscled body was trembling in an attempt to fight the new perversion Lennie was inserting into him, but it was no use. As Junior stared forward into space, Lennie's words became truth, his commands became law. Lennie was right, Junior had ALWAYS lusted after those godlike skaterbois' ass juices, now he remembered... Over and over again, Lennie pounded in his message. Junior gave up the fight, and his head rolled down.

Lennie knew that he had won the battle, and smiled. He let Junior relax for a few minutes while his commands sank deeper into Junior's self, became who he actually was. Finally, Lennie said, "Junior, wake up!" And Junior snapped out of it, unaware of what had happened, of what was now an inseparable part of him.

"OK, your behavior programming is done for today. Now let's have some more fun with that electric nipples- cock-balls device. I don't know if we've gotten the full use out of that wonderful toy yet. I'm still learning how to coordinate the timing of the shocks for maximum effect -- "

"NO! NO! Not that thing again! PLEASE, Master Lennie! I'll do anything, ANYTHING, but PLEASE don't use that horrible thing!"

Lennie smiled cruelly. "I don't know what you're complaining about. It's a PLEASURE device," he said firmly. "You enjoy it totally! In fact, you've been begging me to use it! Remember?"

As this information pushed its way into Junior's defenseless brain, his head rolled, and he had a moment of confusion. But soon Lennie's words replaced any memories he had that contradicted them.

"OK, I guess we're done. I'll let you down now," said Lennie, smirking evilly.

"Uh, wait, Master Lennie, wait..." gasped Junior. "Um, you still haven't used the nipples-cock-balls pleasure device on me today. Could you PLEASE put it on me? I NEED to feel it working on me. PLEASE? PLEASE?"

"Aaah, now you're just whining. Well, OK, I'll put it on you, if you do me just one small favor. I know there's no way I can capture your brother Danny, yet. But I've had my eye on Brett. I'd love to have double the muscle in here to program with perversion. I could even teach you two to program each other with disgusting kinks. You two could maybe even compete to see who can bring the other the lowest, without getting his brother thrown in jail. You triplets are really competitive, it would be great fun!

"So tell me how I can capture and enslave Brett, and I'll give you some quality time on the tortu-- I mean pleasure device."

Hungry, even desperate, for the device to be used on him, big hard cock swinging in anticipation of what was to come, Junior thought hard and fast. "Well, Danny has already broken Brett's will, so he should be easy to control. Hmmm. I know. The other day Danny forced Dad to clean food out of the living room carpet with his tongue, not to mention from Danny's crotch. To add to the humiliation, he's forced Dad to order a tailor-made super costume that says 'Hooverdad' on it, you know, like he can be used as a human vacuum cleaner. Brett was real jealous when he heard Danny's command. He always gets jealous -- and horny -- whenever Danny forces someone to humiliate himself in front of him. Brett's told me he secretly wants Danny to enslave and humiliate HIM too, so he can get some of Danny's tasty cum and sweat. I know what he's planning to do about it, and how we can use it." Junior explained his idea.

Lennie was impressed. "Hey, that's not bad. And I can think of a way to modify it that fits real well into a fantasy I've had for years. Good job, slave. You've really earned this." And Lennie proceeded to hang the heavy device around the grateful Junior's neck. The electrified nipple clamps fit right in place, then the metal circuit continued down to the cock holder which snapped around Junior's giant tool, and finally Junior's large balls were hanging in the bottom of the device. Lennie then plugged the whole thing into a wall outlet, then picked up the remote control, powered up the device, and began to play a symphony of pain and pleasure music on Junior's erotic nervous system. The resulting lusty moans, shrieks, and howls of pain and desire were now Lennie's favorite type of music.


Several mornings later, the Chadler house was fairly quiet. Rob, following Danny's humiliating orders, was on his way to pick up his "Hooverdad" super costume, complete with cape and garish colors, from a local costume shop. When he had first visited the shop to order it and be fitted, of course the shop owner recognized the famous quarterback, so Rob had to make up some story about ordering it for a costume party. Triplet Brett had gone along for the fitting, since he had bribed his dad with an armpit full of energy- giving fresh triplet sweat to get him a companion "Hooverlad" super costume, in the hope that this act of self-abasement would impress Danny enough to allow Brett to compete with his dad for access to Danny's foot sweat and even the occasional cum load.

This day, when Rob and his son Brett tried on their costumes at the shop and flexed in front of the mirror, they looked like quite the sexy superheroes. The costume designer had worked hard to allow the costumes to show off the ripples of the Chadlers' super-muscular builds, and (being gay) had even secretly made the latex tights a size too small to make their packages a little more evident than they should have been, and at the final fitting he was rewarded with the sight of the distinct outlines of their confined, huge, semi-hard power rods. He was so overcome with this that he even took the big chance of "copping a feel" down there as the Chadlers flexed in front of the mirror. But the two newly pussified and submissive Chadler males didn't say a word about it, as their cocks in response just grew a bit harder and more tightly confined inside the hot latex. The designer, noticing the passivity of the giant musclejocks, was briefly tempted to try ordering the two seemingly submissive studs into the back room for a "final fit check", in order to see how big their cocks could get in their costumes, and they might very well have followed him there and done whatever he said, but he decided not to risk it. It was obvious that with just the slightest effort, either the pro athlete or the overgrown muscleteen could pound him to a pulp if angered.

Naturally the designer didn't know that "Hooverdad" and "Hooverlad"'s main super-functions would involve "vacuum-sucking" food crumbs, fluids and dirt out of the carpet, out of 16-year-old Danny's crotch, and from between his toes.

When they got home, Rob put away his costume and left for his pro team's practice field, but oddly, Brett put his costume back on and flexed in front of the mirror again. Wow, this costume shows everything, he thought. I'm sure Danny will notice that --

At that point, Junior came into his room without knocking. As Brett turned around, Junior raised his hand and said "Team is obedience," and after muttering his automatic reply, Brett's consciousness faded away...

....When Brett's consciousness returned, he found himself alone in the room again. But for some reason, he no longer thought of himself as Brett Chadler, triplet; he could now only think of himself as Hooverlad, superhero. He stared at himself in the mirror proudly, hands on hips Superman-style, seeing the vision of a handsome young superhero that served all humanity. Suddenly, with his super-hearing, he heard something odd from the punishment room on the floor below. He flew down the stairs and imagined that he broke through the door with his super-strength. And there, standing in the back of the room, hands on HIS hips, was his nemesis Cruelty Boy, a small but beautiful jet black-haired teen wearing only a mask like Robin's, a cape, a jockstrap that bulged obscenely on such a small body, and a pair of leather boots. His flat, smooth chest and small nipples seemed to glisten under the punishment room lights. With his smug, nasty facial expression, he looked like a perfectly-drawn anime villain. Next to him at attention stood a large, muscled boy, as big as Hooverlad himself, wearing nothing but a leather hood with eye holes and a jockstrap far too small to contain the huge erect cock that pointed straight at Hooverlad. Cruelty Boy's face confident smirk puzzled Hooverlad. After all, Hooverlad's super strength would make short work of this boy, who had no special physical powers that he knew of.

Hooverlad boomed, "At last I've found you, Cruelty Boy! Your days of sadistic pleasure are over. Surrender, or I'll crush you into pieces!"

Cruelty Boy just smiled. "Is that so, HOOVERFAG?"

Upon hearing that word, Hooverlad blanched, and he began to panic. How did Cruelty Boy discover Hooverlad's top secret Power Word? Now he was completely at Cruelty Boy's mercy. Hooverlad felt himself starting to lose control of his powers, indeed over his very body.

Cruelty Boy snickered. "OK, Hooverfag, it's time to permanently change the balance of power between us. See my muscular slave over there? He used to be a superhero himself. His supersize balls make a delicious powercum that can take over your mind and body. I order you to crawl to him and beg him to make you a hot, tasty enslavement snack."

Hooverlad found himself dropping to his hands and knees and beginning to crawl over to Cruelty Boy's hooded superslave. He fought himself every inch of the way, his muscles straining and sweat dripping from his body from his huge exertion, but it was no use. As he arrived at the feet of the hooded slave, he could not stop himself from wheezing out, "Please... feed... me... your... enslavement... cum..."

The slave grabbed his huge cock -- already hard from seeing his brother in a superhero's uniform crawl to his feet and beg -- and waved his other hand towards it, forcing Hooverlad to raise his head to the slave's crotch level. Without ceremony, the slave then grabbed Hooverlad's head with one big hand, rammed his cock deep into Hooverlad's throat and out again just a few times, and then rapidly injected his powercum deep into the back of the helpless superhero's throat. Having finished with him, the slave pushed Hooverlad away and down to the floor.

As Hooverlad lay there, he felt the slave's supersperm swimming from his throat and stomach into each part of his body -- first his broad muscled chest, then his powerful arms, then his long, sturdy legs -- and felt it overwhelm his defenses and take decision control over each part. Soon, he just lay there helpless, as his body was no longer his to control.

Cruelty Boy spoke up. "OK, Hooverfag, let's finish this. You know what to do. It's deep inside you, and my slave's supersperm will make sure you do it."

Hooverlad didn't know what to do, but his body seemed to know. He got back onto his hands and knees, and began to crawl towards Cruelty Boy. He could only look at the floor in front of him. When he arrived at Cruelty Boy's feet, he found himself looking down at the leather boots and saying, "I... Hooverlad... transfer... my... powers... to... Cruelty Boy... and... wish... to... be... his... slave... forever..." What was he saying? How did Cruelty Boy get the power to do this to him?

Above him, he heard Cruelty Boy say, "So, you want to give me your superpowers and enslave yourself to me? And you do this of your own free will?"

Again Hooverlad found himself saying, "Yes... and all I ask... in... return... is that you use your cruelty powers on me... extra hard."

"I grant you your wish," Cruelty Boy said with great satisfaction. When he heard this, Hooverlad found himself placing one big hand on each of Cruelty Boy's leather boots. There was a strong tingling sensation, and and Hooverlad could feel his powers rushing from his body, out through his hands and into Cruelty Boy's boots, as he grew weaker... weaker... Finally, the newly superstrong Cruelty Boy kicked aside the former Hooverlad's hands and said, "OK, Hooverfag, take off that costume and put on these proper slave's clothes." The clueless Brett slowly, weakly removed his proud costume and put on what Cruelty Boy provided, which was identical to what was worn by the other slave: a leather hood with eyeholes, and a jockstrap far too small to contain Brett's cock, even soft. Which it did not remain for long: Cruelty Boy extended an arm and pointed towards Brett's cock; it seemed to Brett that a bright bolt of lightning went from CB's finger to Brett's cock, at which point it was engulfed in an electric field of some sort that made it instantly spring to its full size and became harder than it had ever been before.

Watching this with growing excitement, Junior could hardly contain himself, he was so proud of what he had done for his beloved demigod. "So Master Lennie, are you happy with how I got Brett into your power?"

"Great work, Junior. I'm glad that you know it's more important to make me happy than to be loyal to your family. You've earned extra time on the nipple-cock-balls pleasure device." Junior felt a jolt of physical pleasure when he heard that.

"But you have to compete for the role of First Slave just like your brother here. Now that he's a member of our play group, his tongue, asshole, big hands and feet are just as much my playthings as yours are, and you have to show how you can use yours to please me." Junior felt a bit disappointed that he was now not the Master's only slave, yet excited by the possible ways he could demonstrate he was a better bottom than Brett. This brought out some of the old triplet competitiveness that still remained in their psyches.

Lennie removed his Cruelty Boy outfit, pulling off his mask, cape and boots, leaving just his bulging jockstrap on. "OK, Junior and Brett, playtime is over. We've had our fantasy fun, but now it's time for us to plan how to add your brother Danny to this fine group. I've got his hood and little jockstrap here just waiting. After all, I need to complete the set. While one of you giants is lovingly running his tongue along the length of my cock, and the second one is polishing my boots with his tongue, who will be cleaning out my asshole with HIS tongue? And when two of you are chained to the wall, I really need a third slave to help pleasure-torture you under my direction. So how do we get Danny into the triplet slave club?"

Brett was confused. "But Danny is the master of our whole family, and runs it for HIS master Greg, who's greater and more powerful than all of us put together."

Lenny frowned. "Yeah, you two were easy to enslave because Danny had already broken your wills. But Danny won't be easy to catch. He thinks like a master, and he probably knows all the tricks by now. And I don't even want to tangle with Greg, if he knew enough to set this whole thing up. So what can I do?" As he thought, he gently petted the heads of his muscular hooded slaves as, from each side, a long triplet tongue flicked devotedly along the side of his distended jockstrap.

The moment of thought was interrupted by the door of the punishment room being slammed open by Greg. Saying "Team is obedience" and giving the gesture, he was soon in control of Junior and Danny, and ordered them to grab Lennie. When Lennie realized what was going on, he quickly shouted, "Slaves, release me! Now!" and caused momentary confusion for the dazed triplets, but it was too late. Greg had grabbed a small, smelly sock from Lennie's pile of clothes and stuffed it in his mouth, then kept it in there by using one of the triplets' huge socks used as a gag. Lennie almost retched from the rancid flavor of his sock. Greg just laughed. "Don't worry, by the time we're through here, you'll think that taste is an aphrodisiac." Greg had the twins tie Lennie's arms and legs with restraints found among the punishment room's ample supply of torture tools, and put him on the floor. Lennie struggled against the bonds, but his tight little body couldn't quite wriggle out of them. He now looked like the helpless little gay boy he was before his remarkable transformation.

"So you're the great Lennie, live and in person," said Greg. "I've heard so much about you. And I've seen and heard you in here, of course. You know this room is ringed with webcams and motion detectors. I get some of my hottest porno scenes from those cams, and I make good money from them, because unlike MOST porn, the hot stuff you see happening in here is REAL.

"In this case, the webcams seem to have saved my ass. I was watching you work over Junior the other day, and I heard your plan to trap Brett. So I was ready, and as soon as I saw Brett come in here in that costume, I jumped in my car and raced over here. Don't worry, I recorded everything on my way over, since my laptop has cell Internet service. It helps me control my growing collection of slaves.

"Lennie, I gotta admit, Tim did an incredible job of turning you into the perfect master. At school, I saw you grab a straight built jock from the track team, push him up against his own locker, spin him around, tear down his pants, and work a nice-sized dildo into him in front of his buddies who were all watching in fear. And he didn't dare resist your orders or fight back in any way, and his pals couldn't stand up for him, because none of them could be sure you didn't secretly have total control of them. You know, like you had control of his track teammate, that huge- upper-body shot-put throwing guy they call Bear, who forcibly pushed you away last week when you walked up and rubbed his crotch, and suddenly found himself magically transformed into a desperate, needy cumslut who now goes around begging anyone in the school to fill either of his holes to ease the longing. Just watching you totally dominate all the big men on campus through the sheer force of your will is incredibly HOTT. And I gotta admit that on my way over here, while I was watching you as Cruelty Boy, I was staring transfixed at the laptop screen instead of the road, and almost wishing it was me crawling to enslave myself to your power instead of Brett here. And that's saying something, since I'm a pure top.

"So I can't bring myself to bust you back down to the little fagboy you used to be. But there's only room for one absolute master at Hoover High. So Junior, Brett, hold the little guy's head extra still now." Greg took a bottle from his pocket, lifted the gag, and started pouring the liquid inside down Lennie's throat. Lennie's eyes opened wide and he tried to spit it out, but Greg simply held his nose closed and he was forced to swallow. "I'll give this stuff a few minutes to take full effect. Since you're small, it shouldn't take much time." Meanwhile, Greg admired the leather hood and undersized jockstrap slave outfits Lennie had forced Junior and Brett to wear. "Not bad," he said, rubbing each of the triplets' overstuffed jocks in turn as they moaned in pleasure, their chest muscles rippling. "I think I'll keep you in these when you're at home. Whenever you're not naked, that is. And soon, I hope I'll need the extra set for Danny, once I have him in my power." Greg smiled and absent-mindedly fingered his dick through his pants as he thought of his future total victory, with all three triplets in their hoods and jocks kneeling before him.

After a few more minutes the drug was having its effect on Lennie; his head was rolling and his eyes staring ahead. Greg had the triplets untie him and remove the gag and his own sock from his mouth. Greg knew from the signs that Lennie's mind was now fully receptive to commands and suggestions. He began to fill Lennie's open brain:

"You're obsessed with transferring to West High. Your mother won't offer any resistance to moving, I'll see to that. She could even trade houses with the Chadlers, who are moving to the other side of town, so the triplets can go to Hoover next year. It means you would inherit this wonderfully equipped punishment room, which I'm sure you would make great use of. Your house is much smaller and cheaper than the Chadlers', but they won't mind the trade one bit. Plus they can always buy the lot next door and build a bigger house, right?

"In the meantime, I've got to protect myself against your incredible abilities. So here's the deal: whenever you see me or the triplets, you'll be powerless, you'll be afraid. You'll know you can never have control over any of us. But you can keep your powers over at West High. In fact, I know of a nice family over there you could live with while you're waiting to move. The sons are a senior and junior, and co-captains of the West High swim team, yeah our big rivals. They're cute, tall, and built, although not quite as big as the triplets here. The dad looks like a slightly older version of his sons, so you can have fun turning all three into your sex puppets. But here's the REAL cool part: I happen to know that both brothers are members of the school's virginity club, where they pledge not to have sex before marriage. And the club is loaded with all kinds of really cute, innocent-looking guys. I can imagine that once you've joined that club and spiked their punch, you could get the girls to quit, and really help the guys make sure they never have sex with a girl before they marry, or maybe EVER." And under the influence of the drug, Lennie's mind was already racing through the ever more perverted and painful rules he could program into the virginity club guys to help them be absolutely CERTAIN they would never have sex with a girl...

But that's another story ("Lennie Helps the Virginity Club", if enough folks want me to write it).

Greg instructed Lennie to walk home, and Lennie immediately began "sleepwalking" out the punishment room door. To get to his house was a walk of over an hour, but Greg knew Lennie was too zonked to even notice. Greg hoped Lennie would be alert enough to safely cross the one major intersection on the way to his house, but he was unwilling to send Lennie home in Junior's car, which is how he had arrived at the Chadler house in the first place. Greg needed Junior now more than ever for his plan of conquest to succeed.

Horny, Greg considered a bit of sex play with his two slaves, but there was work to be done. "OK, Junior, Brett, let's get ready for the final takedown of Danny. When he comes in tonight, you two grab him like you did Lennie. He's much bigger, but the two of you can handle him. And we've got to keep his hands still and his mouth shut so he is totally helpless. Then a big dose of the drug, enough for his body weight, and a few long sessions of ego erasure and firmly planting the idea that it's a GOOD and EXCITING thing for all Chadlers to be my slaves, that he wants it more than anything, repeated over and over until he thinks it's his OWN idea to worship and obey me, and I've won!" The idea clearly excited Junior and Brett, whose untouched cocks sprang into full bloated erections.

Junior, his competitive triplet spirit aroused along with his libido, shouted "Let's go out there and win Danny for Master Greg!" And the three of them stepped out of the punishment room door into the living room, only to see --

Tim. Naked and erect, and at attention. Behind him, Danny, with a big smirk on his face. And in the few part-seconds of hesitation caused by the moment of surprise, hands went up, control words were said, and --

Time seemed to freeze...


Everyone came to their senses at once, and looked around. Every person was completely naked, and unable to move from their spot on the floor. Danny smirked again, only to realize that he too was naked and stuck in place. No matter how much force he tried to put into his powerful legs, he could not move. A "leg man" would have had a field day watching all the heavily- muscled legs ripple and twitch uselessly against their nonexistent restraints. Danny, outraged because he thought HE was supposed to be in control of the situation, began "What the fuck--" but a gesture from Tim silenced him completely. In fact, no one could say a word except Tim. And no one but Tim knew how much time had actually elapsed since everyone had entered the room and been tranced. It could have been minutes, or it could have been hours.

Tim began to speak. "Good evening, masters and slaves, friends and lovers, football jocks and swim jocks." Evening? Hadn't it been late morning, or early afternoon, or -- no one seemed able to remember.

"I've gotten you all here to give you everything you want. At one point or another, I've controlled all of you, and all of you have controlled me. So there's a part of all our lusts and desires, and our hates and dislikes, in all of us. I've recently developed a new, even more powerful version of my mind-control drug, which I experimented with by deepening my pet football player Lance's commitment to dogness -- "

"Arf!" piped up Lance eagerly, recognizing his name (and nothing else) in his master Tim's speech. If he had a tail it would have been wagging five times a second. For a few moments, Greg wondered how Lance had gotten there, on all fours near the fireplace, but it didn't seem important.

" -- and Jansen's commitment to catness." Briefly, Jansen, curled up in the corner, looked up nonchalantly upon hearing his name, then went back to the task of licking his balls clean. Man, that dude must be REALLY double or triple jointed, thought Danny.

"As I was about to program out my own personality by Danny's order, my subconscious realized I had a major conflict of goals. I was supposed to be a triplet toy with no will, but I was also supposed to do what I could to bring pleasure to the triplets. I also had leftover feelings for Greg. So I thought and thought until I found a way that everyone could be happy. I've programmed the solution into the two people I love and look up to the most. I realize my love and loyalty to them is the product of their programming of ME, but that doesn't make it any less real or important to me.

"I think of Greg and Danny as my two daddies. Well, actually since Greg accidentally reprogrammed Danny, now Danielle can be my mommy. So now I have a well- balanced family." Obviously Tim was not immune to the delusional effects of his own drug.

"So I want you two to tell each other what you really want." A few key words and Greg and Danny were free again, and looking directly into each other's eyes.

Tim said to Danny/Danielle, "Mommy, you go first."

"Greg, you're the hottest guy I know. Not because you have the biggest body -- my football buddies are much bigger -- but because you have a need to control and totally dominate other guys, and if they won't submit to you, you keep working on them until they're down on their knees in front of you. You don't take 'no' for an answer, instead you imprint 'YES' directly into their minds. And you're that way naturally, it's just who you are. Unlike little Lennie, who was really shy and even slept with stuffed animals before Tim twisted him into the perverted control freak he is today. No one but you can keep up with me in wanting to totally control people's actions and desires. We're made for each other.

"And as I've recently discovered my, er, feminine side becoming more and more dominant, I've also grown to appreciate your sleek swimmer's build and tasty-looking cock. I want you to be my husband." All of Danny's speech flooded into Greg's open mind, and felt wonderful.

Tim turned to Greg. "Daddy, you're next."

"Danny, or maybe Danielle, I have to admit I knew there was something special about the triplets when I first saw you guys. And when I saw you take down your brothers, converting a couple of naturally dominating top studs into carpet-sucking pipsqueak-worshiping obedience slaves, I guess I knew you were the only guy, or girl, or whatever, for me. Admittedly at first I just enjoyed the power struggle, where I wanted the satisfaction of beating and controlling the most powerful of the Chadler triplets. But as I saw your great moves, converting Tim into your devoted servant and using him to seize more and more power, I knew you were the only one who had a strong enough personality to match mine. Plus I've always appreciated the beauty of those hot triplet bods. And now that you're Danielle, there's no conflict about which one of us sleeps ON TOP." ("We'll see about that," thought Danielle.) "And you've got such great hooters!" he added, putting one lusty hand around each of Danny's large, firm pecs, and twisting them, eliciting a moan from Danny. "So I want you to be my wife. And I want Tim here to be our devoted and loving son."

"Hold hands," suggested Tim, and manly Greg took demure Danielle's big paw into his firm grip. Tim went on, "By the powerlessness vested in me by you, my newly adopted parents, I pronounce you husband and wife. Why don't you kiss each other." And Greg and Danny/Danielle began a long, hard, physically competitive tongue wrestling kiss. For them, was there any other kind? The two of them almost fell over from the physical force of the kiss.

Minutes later, when the kiss was finally over, Greg said, "I suggest we don't tell anyone at the school about this until we control the whole place. Danny, you'll need to keep acting like a guy so no one will suspect anything. No licking your lips hungrily in the locker room no matter HOW tasty the guys look! Slowly, one by one, each student, each teacher, each administrative person, even each janitor and lunch room staffer will become our property without knowing it. I've already got Principal Young under my thumb. Every day as he sits at his desk in his jacket and tie, by my orders he is wearing absolutely nothing below the waist, as a sign of his deference to my authority. I go in there for random spot checks, make him stand at attention and call me "Sir". He knows if he doesn't, he'll wake to find himself stripping naked in front of the school board. By the way, did you know his nickname should be "Principal Hung"? I've thought of mating him with that stacked tenth-grade English teacher...

"Well, anyway, by late next year, Danny, when you and I are unanimously voted prom king and queen, we'll be the first prom royalty to be in ACTUAL COMMAND of everyone there. And it'll be a slave orgy that everyone will remember. Or actually," Greg said laughing, "that NOBODY will remember, except us!" And Danny got excited thinking about wearing the tiara, and seeing the entire student body kneeling there naked, awaiting orders from their king and queen. And the faculty chaperones would carry electric cattle prods in case any student didn't obey fast enough! And the nerds would be serving as urinals, and...

And so the Chadler household settled into its version of a "normal" extended family. Glen and Danielle were the master and mistress of the house, and lived in the biggest bedroom; the son, not-so-tiny Tim, shared another room with the family pets Lance the dog and Jansen the cat, who finally (after some initial hissing and growling fights) learned to get along with each other, licked each other's balls frequently, and slept in large adjacent pet baskets; in another room, on a rubber floor mattress, lived slave-uncles Junior and Brett, who while in the house were always either naked or wore their leather hood and jockstrap slave uniforms, and who loved serving, and servicing, any member of the family, including the "pets"; and in the basement lived "grandpa and grandma" Rob and Bobbie Sue Chadler, who brought in the finances for the family through their football and high-school- student prostitution work. When Tim was a good boy, got good grades and did his chores like scooping out Jansen's litter box and cleaning up after Lance in the backyard, his "mommy" Danielle let him suckle at her muscular but sensitive "breasts". And slowly but surely, more and more of Hoover High unknowingly fell under the spell of Greg and Danny's combined command powers, thanks to son Tim's technical magic.

And the whole family lived happily that way. For a while...


Rob Chadler, NFL quarterback, was in the living room of Lennie's home. Rob went there to inspect the house he would soon be trading for his own, since this one was in the proper district for the triplets to attend Hoover High. Lennie's parents were out on some artificial mission he had created in their minds, while Rob and little Lennie sat on the living room couch. It was a normal, everyday scene, normal except that the big pro quarterback had stripped completely naked and was slowly stroking his impressive dick using one of Lennie's smelly old socks. Lennie had told Rob that the sock had magical properties that would give him a bigger and more satisfying cum than his wife ever did. Rob's glass of the most potent hypnojuice yet sat two-thirds empty on the table, and everything young Lennie was telling him made perfect sense.

"It's not right for you to be a slave in your own home. Why should you be reduced to begging for triplet cum to keep up your strength?"

Rob hesitated between sock-cock strokes. "Could you come over to the house and straighten things out?"

Lennie shuddered. "Oh no, I can't. Greg and the triplets are FAR too powerful for me. You, on the other hand, CAN do something. I'll give you a bottle of a very special liquid you can put in their drinks when they're not looking. And be very careful -- Greg and Danny will be very suspicious if they see you do it. Once they've had a few good swallows of their drinks, and seem to be just sitting there with a sort of empty expression on their faces, here's what you tell them..."

* * *

The End?

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