The Trouble With Triplets

Parts 8-10


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It was late morning the next day. Brett came bounding into the coach's office to report to his master "little" brother Danny. Just like the previous day, the coach had been sent home for the morning with photos of the triplets to jerk off to, leaving his office for the triplets' use. Under Danny's instructions, the photo images of the triplets were being burned deep into the coach's brain as something to be worshipped as he spent hours each morning mindlessly jerking off to them.

As Brett got to the office door, he noticed that Danny was sitting in the coach's chair with his sandaled feet on the desk, fly open, his right hand wrapped around his meaty cock, idly stroking the half-hard giant prong. Involuntarily, Brett licked his lips, and fought his instinct to dive under Danny's chair to satisfy his longing. Danny noticed this and smirked. "Wait, bro, I have this out for a good reason."

At that moment, in the door strode Billy Logan, saying, "You wanted to see me, coach?" He looked around the room, puzzled: no coach. He stared at Danny in the coach's chair. "What the... what are YOU..."

Danny just smiled, and with his free left hand, pointed to his hardening cock. Immediately, Billy dropped to his knees, pushed his head into Danny's crotch, and began licking the underside of Danny's cock.

Brett was astonished. "But... but why? I didn't see you trance him. How did you get him to do that?"

Danny kept on smiling. "I've been working on him all morning, although he doesn't remember it, of course. Look at this guy," he said. Billy was about six feet tall, with long red hair, blue eyes, a smooth, freckled body, and more of a lean swimmer's build than a bulky football player's, although he had nicely developed pecs and biceps. Oblivious to the triplets' conversation, he just kept at his job of slurping on Danny's cock, occasionally looking reverently up at Danny's face. "Back during our game against this team, when we were on defense, this guy kept knocking me on my ass, play after play. And I've got at least six inches of height on him, and probably at least 60 pounds. He protected his quarterback better than anyone on our team protected Junior. Naturally this had a lot to do with Greg's work on his mind and motivation.

"But he couldn't have been in a trance the entire game. No one on the team could have been. You have to be able to respond quickly to changing situations on the field. So he had to have his motivation seared directly into his personality. That must have taken a lot of time and effort. He was completely dedicated to serving his quarterback for whatever he needed. And of course I couldn't change that in just a couple of hours.

"So, with Tim's help, in that time I just diverted the object of his devotion a bit, from Tom to me. He still has all his programmed motivation. If I point out a need or desire, he'll immediately jump to serve it without even thinking. And quite well, by the way," Danny added, as Billy's long fingers repositioned Danny's cock for better tongue access to the supersensitive areas.

"Ooooh, hey, I don't wanna cum right now," said Danny. He took his feet off the desk and put them on the floor on either side of Billy. He kicked the sandal off his right foot. With his left hand, he pulled Billy by his long red hair off his cock; with his right, he pointed to his bare foot and wiggled his toes. Immediately, Billy lost interest in Danny's cock, dropped to the floor and began flicking his tongue between Danny's toes. "Man, this guy has a talented tongue," said a satisfied Danny. Watching this hot control scene, Brett felt himself get hard, and began to frig his considerable cock through his pants at the sight of the unquestioning devotion of Danny's new body slave. And again, he wished it was himself on the floor at Danny's feet.

Suddenly, through the door burst Tom, the Hoover quarterback. In one glimpse he saw his slave Billy cleaning Danny's feet -- "What the fuck??" -- and got furious. "YOU!" he shouted at Danny, and ran to the desk to fling his well-muscled 6'4" frame at the triplet. But Billy was quicker. Seeing his god Danny in danger, Billy leapt up and knocked the much bigger Tom to the floor. As they wrestled furiously, Danny shouted "WAIT!" And when Tom and Billy looked up, Danny gave the hand gesture and said, "Team is obedience."

Instantly both Hoover players relaxed, flatly said "Obedience is team,", and rolled off each other to sit on the floor awaiting instructions.

Danny considered the situation smugly. "So, Tom, surprised to see your good bud Billy is now my property. He obeys ME, he protects ME."

Tom was internally fighting this reversal of fortune. A small "...nooo..." came out of his mouth.

"For the good of the TEAM," Danny continued.


"I can see I can't undo months of conditioning in one shot. OK, let's try something different. Billy, stand up and strip completely." Billy rushed to obey the new object of his worship. It gave him such a rush to serve this all-knowing, all-powerful giant. Although he knew the giant wouldn't be too impressed, as he shucked his clothes he flexed his tight muscles under his freckled skin. Even in a trance, Tom his former master looked on in disgust as Billy gazed lovingly up at Danny.

"Wow, you have a beautiful ass," said Danny to Billy. Billy blushed, basking in the praise, his eyes partly closed, his cock beginning to rise from the pleasure of pleasing Danny. "I never used to notice guy's asses, but yours is the most fuckable I've seen. Don't you think so, Tom?"

Tom, despite his will, could not help but obey Danny and look at Billy's fuckable ass. "You like that ass, huh, Tom? Wiggle it a bit, Billy." As Billy complied, Tom was clearly becoming aroused. He was sweating, and his cock was clearly feeling confined in his pants. Absent-mindedly, Tom grabbed his cock through his pants and began to stroke it while staring at Billy's ass.

Danny continued. "You see that ass all the time, don't you Tom. In the locker room, in the hallway, even when you're quarterbacking the team and standing behind the line, you've seen that ass, you've wanted it forever."

Tom couldn't take his eyes off Billy's behind. "Forever..."

"In fact, right now you want that ass so bad you can't stand it, you've got to strip and jerk off, NOW!" Tom jumped up, tore off his clothes, and continued to pull at his considerable cock, which was growing towards its full 8.5 inches. "But you're NOT allowed to cum!" added Danny. "Not yet!"

Tom continued to jerk off furiously, his mind now oblivious to the triplets' presence and focusing solely on Billy Logan's ass. As his now iron-hard cock was stroked over and over, it was clear Tom was in increasing distress as he frigged and frigged but couldn't cum.

"You'd like to cum, huh, Tom? You NEED to cum, right Tom?"

"Must... cum... please..."

"Well, I can't let you fuck that ass. It's too perfect for the likes of YOU to cum into."

"Please... cum... please..."

"Well, I'm a generous guy. Drop to your knees in front of that ass and get your tongue up it!" Instantly, Tom obeyed the commanding voice in his head, dropping to the floor and extending his tongue into Billy's ass.

"That ass is like the best thing you've ever tasted, huh?" And Tom couldn't think otherwise. "Billy's ass juices are the most exciting thing you've ever had in your mouth. Now CUM!"

And Tom exploded across the floor. But Brett, who had been watching the whole thing mesmerized and stroking himself through his pants, came at the same time, in his pants. Unknown to Danny, his initial gesture and phrase that captured Tom and Billy also partially got to Brett.

Danny commanded Tom, "Stay on your knees and memorize that ass. You'd do anything for that ass. You can ONLY CUM with your tongue up Billy's ass. Say it!"

"...only cum with tongue up Billy's ass..." murmured Tom, staring carefully at his new worship object, memorizing its shape, its size, his mouth remembering its flavor.

"Naturally, you're still straight, you've still got a girlfriend, but you can only get hard when you're thinking about this ass. And you can only cum with your tongue inside it!" All this was being written inside Tom's mind by the disembodied voice.

"OK, Tom, get up, get dressed, go. You won't remember anything that happened here, but you will remember your instructions."

"...instructions..." Still tranced, Tom put on his discarded clothes without even noticing that the cum that had landed on the back of his shirt, and left the office. In the hallway, he wasn't sure why he had come this way, and he wondered why he was so sweaty this early on a chilly day. He shook his head to clear it and set out for his next class.

Back in the office, Danny was petting Billy on the head. Billy's cock, untouched, began to stiffen to its fully freckled six inches. Brett, still somewhat under the effects of the trancing, admired its big head.

"Good boy, Billy. You can help control Tom for me from here on. You're his 'ass master' now. When you want anything from him, just show him your ass, maybe wiggle it a bit. He'll respond helplessly, he may not even know why. You can ask him for just about anything, and he'll feel the need to give it to you. And after a week or two of not being able to cum, the pressure will be so great that he will find himself coming to you and begging to eat out your ass. You might enjoy forcing him to beg you in a public place, like around the lockers. He'll be red with humiliation, but give your ass a wiggle or two and he'll forget anyone else is around." Billy smiled, thinking of the power his master had given him over Tom, and excited at the idea of using it.

"Now get dressed and go." Brett couldn't help watching Billy's ass as Billy walked out the door. But then his attention returned to Danny's cock, still out of his pants and very hard. Clearly Danny enjoyed his newfound absolute power over others. Brett was about to ask to suck Danny's balls when Tim came into the office, as he had been subconsciously instructed the previous day. As he looked around, he shook his head wondering why he had come to the coach's office. Danny raised his hand in a gesture, said "Control is power", and with a mumbled "Power is control", Tim was under and ready for instructions, and Danny was ready. "Teach me more about this mind control thing..."


Danny and Brett listened intently as Tim, under Danny's orders, went on about what he and Greg had learned about mind control over the last year. All the time Tim stood at attention, his unseeing eyes staring forward, his outsized cock rigid and pointing straight out from his smooth little body. Brett wondered how Tim could stay erect for so long without touching himself.

Tim also felt compelled to volunteer information on advances he had made without telling Greg. And Greg, unaware of Tim's work, had never asked him about it under trance. So the triplets were getting really good information to use in their battle to control the team's hearts and minds (and muscles and cocks!).

At one point Danny had to head to the boys room, so he left Brett to watch Tim and make sure he didn't come out of his trance. For a couple of minutes Brett and Tim occupied the office in silence, Brett thinking about what he had learned and Tim still standing blankly at attention. Suddenly Brett had an idea.

"Tim, this is Master Brett. Do you hear me?"

There was momentary confusion on Tim's face, but it cleared up soon. "Yes, Master Brett."

"When Master Danny gets back, I need you to do something for me. Can you put him in a trance when you get out of yours? Danny is getting licked, sucked and worshipped by practically the whole team. I'm his brother, I really should be his main service boy. Could you hypnotize him to desire me above anyone else? Can you make me his number one slave?"

It took a moment for all this to register in Tim's mind, but it did. "Yes, Master Brett."

"Oh, and if you see Billy Logan, could you program him to be my ass master too? He does have an AMAZING ass, and I REALLY want to eat it out." Brett was obviously still feeling the effects of his previous semi-trance.

"Yes, Master Brett."

"Great! I'll get out of here before Danny comes back so I don't get accidentally caught when you trance him. See ya!" With that, Brett slipped out the door, leaving Tim in his frozen erect state.

But this last exchange had not gone unnoticed. After Brett stepped out, Junior came from behind the open door into the room. He noticed Tim still in his hypnozonked state, and pursued HIS idea.

"Tim, this is Junior. Can you hear me?"

"Yes, Master Junior."

Excellent! thought Junior. Now it's my turn. "I have a job for you too. I'm a punching bag for the team kicker Javier. He looks little but he has amazing strength, far more than me. When he puts me over his lap and spanks me, it hurts like hell. And when we waves his little dick at me, I get weak and have to obey anything he says. He made me buy a huge dildo yesterday afternoon and use it on myself while he called me disgusting names. It got me so hot I couldn't stand it.

"But Javier is straight. He gets off on abusing me when he's angry, and he forces me to give him blow jobs and rim jobs when he's horny. He even choked me with his little legs around my big neck using his huge powers, until I almost fainted. It's the most exciting relationship I've ever had. I cum when I'm alone using his grungy little sock around my dick, imagining he's tied me up and is kicking my crotch with his soccer shoe. But in the end, he can't be truly mine. Eventually he'll get a girlfriend and lose interest in me.

"But you know Lennie, the team's sophomore helper? He must be 15 but he looks more like 12. He's like five feet tall and has a perfect pouty little face. I know he's gay because when I first visited the locker room, I saw him hidden in a corner, his nose buried in one of the ripe jockstraps he was collecting for the laundry. He was so wrapped up in beating off his little dick while he sniffed that he didn't notice me at the end of the row of lockers. At the time I was just amused, but I... I've changed, I guess. I want more than anything for him to love me, but whenever I get near him he runs away.

"I want you to work with Lennie. Change him from a shy, retiring, effeminate little gay kid into a monstrous, sadistic, abusive whipper-torturer. Change his soft, quiet friendly voice into an arrogant, loud, smirking, self- confident voice that I can't refuse to obey. I want him to dominate me completely. I want him to have an iron will while I have none. I want him to tell me I have no other purpose than to serve him. I want him to humiliate me. I want him to beat me, to stomp me wearing cleats, to use me as a toilet, to force me to piss in my own bed and sleep in it. I want him to tie me naked to the hood of my own car, like an obscene hood ornament, and drive me around the school parking lot. I want him to make me eat my food from off his crotch or out of his asshole. I want him to wear leather and order me to take care of cleaning it. I want to spend my evenings polishing both sides of his boots with my tongue, and for him to kick me into a corner if I don't do a good enough job. I want him to use his brains to find ways to bring me lower every day. And I want him to pimp me out to his little effeminate gay friends, and for him to hypnotize them to be the same way as him, so they can abuse me as a group."

As these thoughts entered Tim's command center, they also caused Junior to get a sizeable hardon, imagining a transformed Lennie doing all that stuff to him. As they stood there together, Junior's hardon poking out of his pants was more than two inches longer than Tim's and at least double the thickness. But it didn't want to command, it longed to obey. It didn't want to penetrate anyone, it wanted to be stomped on and abused. It wanted to be tied up, displayed publicly, and made fun of by those who commanded it. And now thanks to Tim's abilities, these wonderful fantasies of Junior's could come true!

Junior pulled up his pants and left the office, pushing past Danny who was getting back from the boys room. Danny was momentarily confused to see Junior where he had left Brett. But Tim was still at attention in the middle of the room, staring forward. So Danny went back to the coach's chair, leaned back, and said, "OK, Tim, now let's see if we can use some of your recent developments to overthrow Greg."


Greg sat through his morning classes worrying about what was going on. He felt he was losing control of the situation, yet every time he tranced a team member everything seemed normal. He tried to find Tim, but for some reason Tim was nowhere to be found between classes. In reality, Tim was busy fulfilling the assignments given him by his master triplets. He did these with great success despite his (now irrelevant) personal desire to be loyal to Greg.

After his last morning class, Greg went to use the teacher's office he knew would be vacant. He brought Frankie along for comfort. As the big dog/boy sniffed Greg's crotch, with Greg's hand buried in his rich brown hair, Greg said, "What's going on, boy? Is everything still all right with you?" "Rrrr..ruff!" exclaimed Frankie. Then he caught a whiff of something fascinating Greg had stepped in on the way to school, and began to sniff and lick Greg's running shoes.

Well, nothing wrong here, thought Greg. If Frankie had a tail, it would be wagging right now.

As he sat and pondered, there was a sound at the door. Greg jumped, thinking the teacher might have returned to his office in mid-class, but in the door walked Danny, the youngest of the triplets, followed by Brett, and finally Junior. "What... what are you guys doing at Hoover?" he asked nervously. "Shouldn't you be at your school until it's time for the big contest?"

Danny spoke up. "That's just it, Master Greg. We don't need a contest. We decided it among ourselves. I'm the boss of these two. I'll control 'em for you."

Greg was astonished. He was a good judge of body language, and with such large bodies the triplets gave off a lot of language! Junior had seemed so naturally dominant when Greg first met the Chadlers; a total leader. Yet here he seemed to be meek, the most submissive of the three. And Brett's cocky attitude seemed way subdued. Only Danny seemed to have the air of command.

"You two agreed to this?"

Brett said, "Yeah, Danny's in charge. I have to do whatever he says." Junior chimed in, "And I do whatever these guys tell me to do."

Suspicious, Greg put them in a trance, which they went into readily. He got the same answers from them when they were under. To verify they were really in his power, he had them strip naked and stand at attention before him, while he poked and prodded and inspected their giant muscled bodies. They showed no facial reaction and obeyed every instruction completely. Then he had them remove his clothes, and line up in a row on all fours, asses in the air. Then, using only spit from Danny as lubricant, he inserted his cock into each in turn for a few strokes. Each triplet moaned when Greg was inside him.

While he was fucking Danny, the last triplet, in the door walked the teacher whose office they were in. At the sight of the three identical giant naked muscled teens on hands and knees in front of a much skinnier swimmer who was fucking one of them, the teacher was paralyzed with shock. Greg was ready for such an eventuality; pulling out of Danny, he raised a hand and said "Teaching is learning." The teacher mumbled "Learning is teaching" and went into a trance. A short but well-built 25-year old with Clark Kent-like glistening black hair, the teacher had been a wrestler in college. His build was evident under his bulging shirt.

Greg said, "Mr. Sadowsky, these three muscleboys have been very naughty."

"...very naughty..."

"You should take off your belt and tan their hides. It's important to keep discipline."

"Discipline..." The teacher took off his belt and strapped each of the triplets until his bare bottom turned red. None of them moved during the procedure. The belt was thin and did no real damage, but the pain it registered was real.

After a few strokes on each triplet, Greg told Mr. Sadowsky, "OK, that's enough." Walking in front of the kneeling triplets, he said, "You guys have to remember who the real master is around here. Now get dressed and go." Blankly, they did, and Greg followed them out the door. A few moments later, the teacher found himself standing alone in his office, holding his belt. He had no memory of why he had taken his belt off. He put it back on and resumed his work.

Greg was now completely satisfied that the triplets were still in his power. They could not have performed as they did unless they were truly in a trance. Greg felt much more confident the rest of the school day.

When Greg arrived home, he found a small package at his door addressed to him from his subscription DVD service. He opened it and found a disk of the latest action movie of his favorite star. "I didn't know this was already on video," he thought. "Cool!" He went to his room and put the disk in the video player. After it finished playing, he restarted it and watched it again. And when it was done the second time, he restarted it yet another time. And another. And another. Over and over again, helplessly, without being able to stop, until it was time to leave the next morning for school.

* * *

By the end of the next day, this will be settled. And just about everyone will be happy. (Or at least they will think they are!) Because I love a happy ending.

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