The Trouble With Triplets

Parts 11-13


Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under 18, or are offended by the idea of male-male sex or mind control, DO NOT read this.

This is the continuation of the story begun in Parts 1-10 in three earlier files. You'll have much more fun with this if you read those parts first.

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It was a beautiful evening, and the Hoover High Coach and Mr. and Mrs. Rob Chadler, the triplets' parents, were spending a leisurely evening at the Chadler residence. The place was huge and expensively furnished, as befit the home of a marquee NFL quarterback.

Actually, the evening was only leisurely for the coach, who was sitting on the expansive leather couch reading the sports section, with his legs spread wide. The coach was not exactly what you would call handsome -- his facial features were a bit like a bulldog's, his skin was somewhat pitted, and he seemed to wear a perpetual scowl -- but his body was like one big muscle. Not refined and toned like Rob's, but incredibly strong.

While Coach read the sports section, wearing only a jockstrap and sweating into the pricey couch, the adult Chadlers were naked on the floor between Coach's hairy legs, chewing, lapping, and sucking away at his well- filled jockstrap. They took turns slurping along the considerable length of the well-defined cock outline, and gently tongue-massaging the balls that hung well below. As they slowly expressed their worship of Coach's body with their tongues, they gazed up towards his face for any sign of pleasure or approval. But Coach was too preoccupied with the latest scores to lift the paper and watch what was going on between his legs. It left a sad longing in the Chadler's hearts.

Finally, Coach finished reading the paper, put it down and snapped his fingers. The Chadlers, disappointed, knew what to do. Giving up their tasty crotch treat, they stood up facing Coach, at attention and holding hands like any normal loving husband and wife. In fact, at this point, the evening seemed totally ordinary to them.

The Coach spoke. "Well, Rob and Bobbie Sue, it's been a busy week. Every evening I've come over here and given you a new video to help with your training."

Bobbie Sue said, "Yes, Coach, and we're so grateful. I don't know how we got through life without you."

"Well, we've got a great future together, don't we. Now let's review the lessons you've learned this week. Rob, you begin."

"I've learned that my athletic ability increases by nearly 50% after I've eaten a load of your cum. Unless I have eat the cum of a dominant male at least twice a week, I become weak and helpless. Supermale armpit and foot sweat help me, too, but only half as much as cum.

"I am in total command when I'm with my football team and on the field, but it's only natural that I lose more and more of my power at home. My sons are bigger than me, more masculine and dominant than me, and are learning directly from Master Greg. So as I get weaker and weaker, they are becoming masters of the house. I must obey them, or they won't let me have their powerful body fluids that I need to remain physically strong.

"It's just a sign of their growing strength if they make me grovel for their cum or sweat. It means they're growing up normally. I am proud of my three powerful sons as they grow into the gods of the house.

"I get my biggest, fastest boost of physical strength when we perform the special emergency family male bonding ritual, where I eat Brett's cum out of Danny's ass, while Junior fucks me. If it's a real emergency, I can say 'Chadler triplet power, unite!', and the triplets will automatically come to my rescue, getting me to full strength using the ritual. But if I ever do that and it's not a real emergency, Master Greg will exile me from his presence, and from the family."

"Very good, Rob. Bobbie Sue?"

"I've learned that the triplets are now Master Greg's property, which is a great thing because I don't have to worry about raising them anymore. They will learn great things at the feet of Master Greg. He will make them champions, like their dad. And we will have wholesome family parties together, where everyone has sex with everyone else.

"But especially, I learned I have to keep an eye out for the triplets when they're at home. Because if they start to act wild, like not respecting Master Greg in some way, we have to exercise parental control. And we can use the new 'discipline room' Rob built in the basement with your help." Down there, formerly the pool room next to the gym, were three sets of newly installed arm and leg irons in the brick wall, and all manner of equipment necessary for disciplining three giant, muscular, unruly jock boys. There were exotic, well-designed devices from far-off lands for causing all kinds of sensations, there were objects to insert into almost every orifice, there were leather hoods and boots, and there were Web cams all over to record the action.

Coach went on. "And when the triplets are with Master Greg, you know you don't need to have any concern when they show up at home very late or not at all. You can have a pleasant evening with each other, or with whoever Master Greg sends over to play with you. Doesn't that sound great?" And to the Chadlers, it did.

"OK, good night. And Rob, come to see me in my office tomorrow at around 10. There are a few more things you need to do and sign in order to complete your sons' transfer to Hoover."

"Sure, coach, I'll be there," Rob said.

Satisfied, the coach left. The programming had been completely successful, Coach could report to Master Greg. The rest of the night went normally. But in the middle of the night, Rob felt uneasy, and needy. So he quietly got out of bed, walked downstairs to the living room, turned on the lights, and was greatly relieved when he spotted the dark stains in the couch where the sweat of the coach had soaked into the leather. There were stains with Coach's neck sweat, his armpit sweat, his leg sweat. Rob dropped to his knees and sniffed the heavenly aroma. Each of the areas had its own distinctive odor and flavor. Rob licked and sucked at each one to get some of the essence of of the coach's sweat inside him. Satisfied, he went back upstairs to bed.


Danny waited in the Hoover High coach's office. Once again, the coach had been sent home to jerk off to photos of the triplets. Danny knew Greg and Tim would soon be there, assuming Greg fell into the trap Danny had set the night before, with Tim's unwilling help. Junior was hiding on the floor in a corner of the office, afraid that Javier the 5'3" kicker would beat him up publicly for failing to properly worship and suck his 3 inch cock. Still, while he was hiding, he was hard, and secretly wishing Javier would find him.

Brett came in. "Hey, Danny. You know that Coach has come to our house every afternoon, delivering drugged drinks and obedience videos? Greg must have Mom and Dad totally enslaved to him by now. How can we stop it?"

Danny smiled. "Stop it? Why should we stop it? All these years Dad has been the big disciplinarian, and I always got the worst of it. Dad almost never punished Junior."

"That's 'cause Junior didn't fuck up nearly as often as you did."

"Well, who cares? If Mom and Dad are Greg's slaves, they'll be mine soon. Just like YOU want to be." Brett sighed; it was true. He wanted to serve at Danny's feet. He always had, didn't he? "And Junior probably wants to be enslaved to our paper boy. Can't you just picture the kid getting off his bike and coming in, punking Junior because of a late collection?" From the looks of it, Junior could easily imagine this. The thought clearly excited him.

Brett looked down the hall, and said "They're coming!" Danny smirked, "I knew they'd come! Greg, you're all mine now! Brett, Junior, get ready!" The two subservient triplets got on either side of the door, out of sight.

As Greg came into the office, he saw Danny casually sprawled at the desk feet up, smiling. Alarmed, he began to raise his arm in the gesture to seize control of Danny, but Junior and Brett appeared from behind the door and each grabbed an arm, making it impossible for him to complete the move. Meantime, Danny spoke Tim's control phrase, and Tim instantly froze in place awaiting commands.

Danny grinned at the terrified Greg. "Well, hi there, Greg. Didn't know I could get control of your friend Tim here, did ya? And he's been very helpful with my plans. I think he knows more about hypnotic control than YOU do. In fact, he's gone way past what he taught you. And he nicely showed it all to ME!" Now Greg was REALLY frightened.

"Maybe you noticed you're a little TIRED this morning, huh Greg? Did you ever wonder why? Well, you spent all last night being prepared for this morning. That 'action video' you thought you were going to watch was one of Tim's latest specials. And you watched it from when you arrived home last night until you left for school this morning. So might be feeling a bit weak... tired... ready to give in to me..."

Greg's head rolled briefly, as his tired mind was saying to him... "Give in... give in..." But he recognized that "voice" as having been put there by someone else. He shook his head clear of the temptation, and found some new wakefulness inside him. "Never, you big dumb football jock! You have no idea what you're dealing with here. You can't control me with one night's worth of programming. You didn't even use the drugs that go with the videos. I don't know how you were able to... influence me just a minute ago, but it won't happen again!"

Danny smiled again. "You sure about those drugs? Remember that point around the middle of the video where you got REALLY thirsty? And you conveniently found a nice bottle of lemonade in the front of the refrigerator shelf? And when it happened AGAIN during your next watching? And again? And again? All night? Of course you don't remember.

"But there's one thing on the video you DO remember. In fact, you saw it over and over again, for hours on end. You heard about it, learned everything about it, memorized its every curve, and came to want it, need it, worship it. And now you're going to see it again. Tim, show Greg his new master." At that instruction, the hypnotized Tim stripped off his clothes and tossed them aside. Then with a few strokes of his right hand, his disproportionately big dick was fully hard. Greg looked on in amazement. He had seen that cock many times before. But something was... different now. It seemed bigger, more significant, more commanding. He wanted to lose himself to it. The programming that had been hidden beneath the surface of his consciousness began to assert control of more and more of his mind. The sight of Tim's cock began to fill an increasing part of Greg's world, until all that was left beyond it was Danny's voice which would tell him what the cock wanted him to do.

One look at Greg told Danny his ploy had been completely successful. Greg's wide-open eyes were riveted to Tim's cock like a deer staring at headlights. He was licking his lips and rubbing the front of his pants without any voluntary thought. He could hear Danny's voice as the only other input to his conscious mind.

"I knew I couldn't easily take you overnight with just one video. After all, it took you a week to get full control of us. It took you even longer to turn Frankie Anello into a dog, and even more days for you to get his family to believe it. But Timmy here has made some progress in his hypnotism research. On his advice, I hypnotized you with something you've been staring at for months: Tim's beautiful cock. That video you watched over and over reminds you how beautiful that cock is..."

"...beautiful..." murmured Greg. His eyes could not break away from Tim's cock. It looked so incredible there, so fat and so long on such a small, young-looking smooth guy...

"How powerful..."


"...and how much you want to serve it. You DO want to serve it, don't you? You wish you could play with it, don't you?" taunted Danny.


"I didn't need more than one night because you were already fascinated with Tim's cock, almost self-hypnotized by it, and you just needed the message reinforced and planted deeper. The video helped with that. Also the fact that you were up all night lowers your resistance. You feel weaker... weaker..."

Greg's eyelids began to droop even as his eyes remained focused on Tim's fine fat fuck stick, as Danny continued to plant messages inside Greg's wide open brain.

"You like doggies, don't you, Greg? You must like them, you made Frankie into one."


"If you were a doggie, you'd be a nice sleek one, wouldn't you? Like maybe, a Labrador retriever! Imagine that you're a retriever. Speak, boy, speak!"

Eyes frozen to Tim's cock, Greg said, helplessly, "Arf! Arf!"

"I told the Anellos to expect another dog to arrive at their house, a really cute bitch in heat, to be a companion to Frankie and to fill his 'needs'. Since you were so close to him already, I thought you wouldn't mind being permanently assigned to servicing his doggie sexual needs. Now, unlike Frankie, you know you're not a dog, of course, but you'll have to pretend you are one. All the time. It's absolutely necessary."


"And to keep Frankie interested, you'll have to be 'in heat' all the time."

"" Greg kept staring.

"And if I were you I'd stop talking. I wouldn't do anything but bark from now on. You might blow your cover."

"...arf..." agreed Greg.

Danny prepared to seal the deal that would send his rival off the field -- on all fours, urinating on fire hydrants -- and leave Danny in control of everyone -- family, team, and soon, school. "So, Greg, you know what you have to do. Are you ready for your new life as Frankie's bitch?"

"Arf!" Greg was fully ready to comply with the commands from Tim's all-powerful cock.

At that moment, Rob Chadler came into the coach's office. Coach had ordered him to show up this morning. Of course at the time Coach had no idea he himself would be spending the morning at home jerking off to triplets photos.

Rob saw his youngest son arrogantly spread across the coach's chair and desk, and he heard Master Greg barking while staring at naked Tim's erect cock. "What's going on here?" he demanded angrily. What have you done to Master Greg?"

Danny sat bolt upright. "Uh, nothing, Dad. Master Greg, why don't you tell Dad everything's all right? Greg... Tim's cock orders you to TAKE CONTROL OF DAD!"

Greg, still staring at Tim's cock and powerless to resist Danny's command, began the hand gesture designed for the Chadler parents. But when he tried to give the controlling phrase, out of his mouth came, "Arf! Arf! Arf!"

This was all Rob Chadler was willing to take. He had to assert parental control. Clearly Danny was acting independently of Master Greg's will, which was morally very wrong. He moved to try to break Greg free from Tim's cock, but at Danny's command, Junior and Brett each grabbed one of his arms. Although the triplets were bigger than him, Rob could take on any of his sons and win. But he couldn't take on two of them at once.

"So, Dad, you want to discipline me. I know all about the new room you built downstairs under Coach's guidance. And we're going to use it all right. You're going to be the first customer. Once I send Greg off so his ass is permanently filled with Frankie's cock, all of us and Tim are going to put you into the arm and leg restraints in the room and seize permanent control of your will. Trust me, you'll be happy living crushed under my foot. After all, it's bigger than yours!"

Rob was desperate. He had to stop a great evil from happening, and rescue Master Greg from Danny. But how? He was physically stymied, but...

He knew what to do. It was so simple, and it was a part of his programming from Coach. He said:

"Chadler Triplet Power, Unite!"

And instantly, the mood in the room shifted completely. All three triplets' eyes went dull, and they all dropped whatever they were doing -- in Junior and Brett's case, holding their father -- and started stripping as quickly as they could. As soon as he was free, Rob went over and simply lifted Master Greg and carried him safely away from viewing range of Tim's cock. Tim continued to stand there like an obscene statue with a pained look on its face, awaiting orders.

Once away from Tim's cock, Greg groggily shook his head to clear it. While this was happening, the Chadler emergency male bonding ritual unfolded. No one could have stopped it at this point, not even a re-empowered Greg.

Once all three triplets were naked, Brett grabbed Danny, and their roles were completely reversed from just a minute ago. While previously Brett was Danny's submissive slave brother, now he was Danny's unquestioned top. Brett pushed Danny up against the office wall, became erect almost instantly, and began to fuck Danny in total earnest, pistoning in and out of his brother like a machine. Meanwhile, Junior made himself erect, and grabbed his father and pushed HIM against the wall beside the other triplets. Somewhat slower, he began to fuck his father. It was his father's first time getting something up the ass and it was painful, but Rob was filled with the joy of the righteous. He had done a really good thing and helped Master Greg avoid enslavement by Danny. And that feeling was far greater than the pain.

In short order, Brett reached climax and poured loads of triplet spooge into his younger brother's ass. He then knocked Danny down onto his hands and knees and forced him to raise his butt in the air. Meanwhile, Junior pulled his smaller father away from the wall, pushed him down onto his hands and knees, grabbed his father's head by the hair and forced his face into Danny's ass, which was dripping Brett's cum. Then while Rob eagerly sucked out the super-strength- giving liquid out of Danny's ass, Junior reached HIS climax and injected more triplet powerjuice into Rob's ass. When it was over, Rob never felt as powerful as he did at that moment; he stood tall and proudly flexed his pro athlete body. But the teens had clearly put their all into the emergency bonding ritual; all three slowly dropped to the floor, where they lay panting and exhausted.

By now, Greg was fully revived. It didn't take him long to reassert control over everyone in the room. And he had learned his lesson: he had underestimated the triplets. Their utterly dominant personalities made everything a power struggle to them. They had to be kept under careful control by each other and by their parents, not just by him.

Soon, all the Chadlers were once again standing naked and at attention listening to their master's every word. "Rob, I want to thank you for saving the situation here." Rob glowed at the praise. It actually caused him a jolt of physical pleasure. "You need to take your sons home now, and restrain them in the discipline room. Don't worry, guys, the arm and leg irons all have leather inside them, so they won't hurt you. Physically, at least.

"Once the three of you are restrained, I'll make sure your programming is stronger than before, and you'll be reinforced twice as often. It will be up to you to reinforce each other, since I can't be there all the time. And you'll have to wear pain and pleasure collars whenever you're at home, under the control of your parents.

"Of course, I'll come over for a few fun sessions of my own. Just thinking about the three of you giant teen muscle dudes restrained hand and foot next to each other against a wall being hypnotized into even deeper submission makes me so hard! Imagining you standing there, empty-minded, waiting for me to pour into your wide-open brains a new set of humiliating perversions that you'll be helpless to resist! And when it's playtime in the discipline room, maybe at first you'll plead with me not to use some of the new pain toys on you, but after some good training I'm sure that soon I can have you begging me to use them. Or I can have you use them on each other, while I or one of my swim team buddies directs the action.

"Danny. It looks like YOU started this rebellion. Going to make me into Frankie's bitch, huh? Well, I know what I'd love to do to YOU. You were a bad boy, and you really should be punished. But I still want you to serve the team.

"How's this? Your family discovers a little late that what they thought were identical triplets are really two boys and a girl. Of course, they might be forgiven for missing that, what with your fat 9.5 inch clit and size 16 feet. But now they can make up for lost time. Danny, you're now Danielle, cheerleader extraordinaire. Even as girls go, you're really giggly and feminine. Your mother can help ease you into your new life, showing you how to apply makeup, how to do your hair, and so on.

We'll need to special-order your cheerleading outfit, of course, and tape your clit to your leg. But I'll make sure the others on the cheerleading team don't look down on you just because you're kind of a BIG girl. In fact, your athletic abilities should help you a great deal with the cheers. That'll make you very popular!

"Of course, you've always been a horn dog for sex, like your brothers. And that won't change just because you're now Danielle. You're EXTREMELY attracted to football players. And good news, I think the team will soon come to see you as the sexiest girl in school, and they'll compete with each other to get to fuck you. Or better yet, they'll gang up in groups to do it. And you'll encourage them every step of the way, wiggling your ass, licking your lips. Your mom will help you be as feminine as possible.

"But here's the twist. Because you were going to do this to me, I'm going to return the favor. Whenever there's a cock up your ass, you're going to remember who you are, what you're doing, and how you got there. And you're going to hate every minute of it. But you're not going to be able to do or say anything about it. In fact, you're going to have to do whatever you can to increase the pleasure of whoever's fucking you. It's your most important job in the world. And once that cock pops out of your pussy, you'll go back to being dizzy Danielle again, looking for the next big dick to satisfy.

"Now Danny, I want you to picture that in your mind."

Even in his trance, Danny started to shake and sweat. Being a hypno-controlled cheerleader-uniformed fuck slut for his brothers' teammates was not exactly the role he had in mind for himself. Still, the idea was evidently not totally repulsive to the new Danny, since his cock, untouched, began to rise. His father noticed this, and gazed hungrily at it, since Danny was the only triplet not to cum in the bonding ritual, and so whose big balls were still full of fresh hot triplet power nectar.

But Greg put an end to that idea. "No, Rob, you've had enough juicing up today. We need to save a full triple-hit of cum for when you're about to leave home for a critical game. And Danny, sorry to say, you will NOT become Danielle, as delicious as that picture seems. While it would be great fun, I have bigger plans for the future. And unfortunately for me, to move my plans forward, I need you as a player on the team next year, with the seniors leaving and all. So much as I'd like to have you wearing makeup, leading the cheers and turning tricks with the players, I'm going to have to leave you as a guy. But you will be a full participant in your slave family's chores and obedience activities. Trust me, I'm not happy that you're more valuable as a robotically obedient member of my team than as a self-hating cheerleader slut.

"And as for you, Timmy boy..." Greg looked at Tim, still frozen helplessly staring forwards with his significant cock erect. "I know you didn't betray me intentionally. Danny seized control of you. But you have enough knowledge to threaten me if someone gets hold of your mind. So I have to get you out of the way. And I know just how to do it.

"The Anellos are expecting another doggie, aren't they? Well, they'll be getting one. Tim, your new dog name is 'Yappie'. Why don't you give us just a few little 'yaps'?" Immediately Tim was forced to 'yap' like a little lap dog.

Greg chuckled. "So tonight the new dog arrives at the Anello's. Except that instead of one of the elegant big hunting breeds, it'll be one of the smaller, more HAIRLESS varieties. Like a Chihuahua! A well-hung Chihuahua at that. So, Yappie, you're going to arrive at the Anello's door up on your hind legs, paws in the begging position, tongue hanging out, and with a bag of tacos swinging from your fat erect dick. Whaddaya think?"

The paralyzed Tim could only 'yap' powerlessly as his brain took in its newly programmed instructions.

"And don't worry about your family. In a couple of days they won't even remember you ever existed."


It was a very ordinary evening at the Chadler house. After a long, hard all-family workout session in the basement gym, after which only Bobbie Sue was allowed to take a shower, Junior and Danny sat, all sweaty, sprawled on the couch in their jockstraps watching TV, drinking beer and eating chips. Each of them had his giant bare feet up on an ottoman, and naked father Rob was on hands and knees going slowly and appreciatively from foot to foot, getting his precious strength- sustaining sweat from between their toes. When both their feet were totally clean of any toe jam or sweat drops, Rob was still unsatisfied. "Master Junior, Master Danny, may I lick up your armpit sweat? I... I need it... still feel weak..."

Danny laughed. "Well, I dunno, dad. Maybe if you ask for it like you're a widdle kid." Junior snorted with laughter.

Rob looked up at his all-powerful sons with puppy-dog eyes. "P..p..please, M..m..masters, your widdle daddyslave wanna clean your manly armpits of tasty mansweat..." Danny extended his right leg, planted his big bare foot on Rob's shoulder, and knocked him over onto his side. The brothers laughed. "I dunno, dad, there's potato chip crumbs all over the place, in the carpet, on the couch, even here on my jock," said Danny, purposely crumbling some chips over his crotch. "I think you better finish licking those up first. You wanted to be a dad at Hoover, and now I've made you into Hooverdad!" This caused Junior to snort again, spraying beer all over the floor and onto the cowering father. "Maybe we should get you a super costume with a cape that says 'Hooverdad', and you gotta wear it while you're crawling around the floor doing your vacuum duties."

A glimmer of hope came to Rob's eyes as he examined the chip crumbs on Danny's jockstrap, and he licked his lips. But Danny noticed his longing look, and crushed that hope. "No, dad, no powercum for you tonight. Coach said not to give you any until later in the week. But when you're through with the crumbs, you can lick the sweat out of my asshole, if you ask me real nice to roll over." Resigned, Rob began to suck and lick out the chip crumbs from the carpet. Danny moved his feet from the ottoman and rested them on his father's raised ass, prompting more laughter from Junior.

From two of the upstairs bedrooms came the shrieks and cries of incredibly intense sexual activity. In the master bedroom, Bobbie Sue was being fucked by one of Greg's straight swimming team buddies. Cody was only a freshman, a redhead, freckled, skinny and smooth, and this was his first real sexual experience, aside from the occasional hand job from a friend. It's not every boy that gets his first experience with the beautiful, stacked trophy wife of a star NFL quarterback. Naturally, the kid didn't really know what he was doing, and his lean 5 inch pecker didn't come up to the standards Bobbie Sue's cunt was used to. But she had learned a trick taught her by Coach: she imagined that the guy on top of her was actually Master Greg. That made her satisfied shrieks, and cries of "Fuck me! More!" totally sincere. Bobbie Sue was using all her skills to make Cody's first time a great one. In fact, it was so good it would probably wreck him for any future experiences with girls his age, not nearly as skilled or as hypnotically motivated as Bobbie Sue.

In the next bedroom, Brett was getting tossed around, beaten up, and fucked rough by Quentin, a gay senior member of Greg's team. This was definitely not Quentin's first sexual experience, but he had never even remotely imagined topping one of the Chadler triplets, whom he had read about in the local paper after every Friday night game that season. When Quentin first saw the triplets live, in the playoff game against Hoover, he imagined himself being cornered by them, beaten up a little, and forced to serve their lusty needs. But he had a "top" side to him also, and when (to his utter surprise) his swim teammate Greg offered him a wild night with one of the triplets, he chose to be the one in charge.

Greg had told Quentin to ask for Danny, but when he got to the Chadler house, Danny ordered Brett to be Quentin's bottom toy. Unbeknownst to Greg, much of Danny's internal triplet relationship reprogramming still kept its power even after Greg had regained control of the Chadlers. Brett still had strong feelings of inferiority to and admiration for Danny left over from his previous programming, and Danny still felt it was natural for him to order Brett around. Meanwhile, Junior, who had always been the clear leader of the three, had now permanently become much more of a follower. It all just seemed natural to them now, as if it had always been that way.

So it was not Danny but Brett upstairs at the mercy of a very ungentle Quentin. And while the swimmer -- 6'2" tall, toned, baby-faced and athletic, with large defined pecs and biceps, Superboy-style long jet-black hair that flopped over his eyes, and a chest with just a slight covering of hair -- was a year older than the triplets, normally he would be no physical match for any of them. But as with Bobbie Sue, Brett was under orders to provide pleasure by imagining it was Master Greg with him. So while Quentin was degrading and humiliating Brett, the lean swimmer was able to easily toss the giant muscled triplet around, deliver the occasional kick to the groin, put Brett across his knee and spank him till his butt shone and it really hurt, hold Brett still with an unbreakable chokehold around the triplet's beefy neck, and piston-fuck him without mercy or lubrication.

When it was over, when Cody and Quentin were both done and had wordlessly grabbed their clothes and gone home, an exhausted Brett and Bobbie Sue came back, naked, into the living room to join the rest of the family. The TV show Brett and Danny were watching was just ending. It was just about time for what any normal family would do now, head off for some family sex. Tonight, it was the turn for Junior and Rob to work on some mutual nipple and ball torture in the discipline room, while Brett, Danny, and Bobby Sue would have a three-way in the master bedroom, which still reeked from Cody's recent becoming-a-man experience, and with the still-warm bed covered with leftover sticky fluids.

Just before Junior managed to hit the remote switch to turn off the TV, a news item began. "In Washington today..." and the TV went off. But not before a jolt like lightning went through Danny's system. And suddenly he was "awake". Unhypnotized. And remembering everything! He froze in place.

As Brett and Bobbie Sue headed up the stairs, they noticed Danny wasn't following. "Aren't you coming?" asked Brett.

Danny thought fast. "Uh, no, Master Greg wanted me to visit him now." This answer completely satisfied his brother and mother, and they turned around and continued upstairs glassy-eyed. Danny knew from his own programming that if he said anything suspicious, if he tried to explain things to the others in his family, they would simply overpower him, chain him in the discipline room, and forcibly program the 'deviation' out of him. He might never be free of Greg's enslavement again. He had to seem normal to the rest of his family.

Back when Danny had Tim involuntarily helping him extend his control to Greg, Danny had asked how he (Danny) could break free of the programming that allowed Greg to take him over at will. Tim, forced to tell Danny everything he knew, said the only way was to avoid the regular command reinforcement sessions, but then Greg would know what was going on, so that wouldn't work. So they settled on ADDING to Danny's programming, giving him a keyword that would immediately break him free of control if he heard it. It had to be a word Danny might hear on TV or in some controlled circumstance, but not too often and not in the wrong place such that his sudden "freedom" would be noticed by Greg or by his family. "Washington" was picked because the main likely place to hear that word would be at home during the news. But the news was rarely watched at the Chadler home these days. So a bit of time went by before Danny got his jolt. Days and nights of hypnotized humiliation, prostitution, spankings, incest, and more. The only part Danny didn't mind was his father's enslavement to the triplets' body fluids. After all, family domination was what he had wanted for himself anyway.

But now, Danny had to come up with a plan to get back on top. To seize back the family, Greg, the team, and ultimately, the school. And he knew what he needed in order to do it. Leaving the house, he went to the local convenience store and made a couple of purchases. Then he went to the Anello house with a bottle of cold water, a rolled-up newspaper, and some doggie treats, all of which he would need to separate Frankie from his new live-in bitch in heat, and transform Tim once again into his helpless hypnoslave assistant.

* * *

My gosh, I was wrong in the note after the last file. I thought it would be over by now, but it's not! Just when I think Danny has things wrapped up, Greg comes up with a surprise and turns things around. And then, when I think Greg is now totally in command, Danny tries to shake free and plot a reversal. Well, if you guys are still interested, I can look around one more corner and see what happens...

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